Routine Disrupted

Just when you thought you’d heard every excuse possible from me, here comes an entirely new take on why I haven’t written lately…

I got an iPad.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m very happy that I’ve got an iPad. I’m not complaining or anything. But, having an iPad is bad for your blogging health, in two ways.

1. Distraction. The iPad is such a wonderful, sexy, cool (I’ll stop short of using Apple’s own “Magical” adjective) device that all of it’s apps, games, videos and books demand your full attention all the time. I struggle to tear myself away from my iPad to work, let alone to blog.

2. (and this one really winds me up)
Too much stuff on the web doesn’t work. I can login and view my Google Docs but I can’t edit them. I can log into Facebook but I can’t see which of my friends are online or chat to them. And — crucially — I can’t write a blog entry because WordPress and Tumblr’s sites won’t let me edit. The reason for this lies in the way the ipad’s Safari browser identifies itself to sites. If you surf on a laptop the site you’re visiting knows you’re using a ‘real’ browser and opens up it’s functionality. If you surf on an iPhone or Blackberry, the site you’re visiting knows you’re on a mobile device and gives you a ‘lite’ experience, assuming your browser won’t be able to handle the site’s more advanced features (like writing a blog entry). The iPad falls between these two stools, behaving like a real browser on some sites, and a mobile one on others. It’s very annoying because surfing on the iPad is a really satisfying experience in the main, so when something doesn’t work I get annoyed and grumpily switch back to my laptop.

Come on Apple (or should that be Come on Internet?), put your standards wars to one side and give us the web experience we, and the iPad, deserve.


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