Pushing My Luck

I’m still full of iPad Love, as you’ve probably surmised by my last few entries. Question is — how much longer are you prepared to put up with my smug preening before you desert me, or come round to give me a good kicking?

I know it must be annoying if you haven’t got an iPad and every time you come here’ there i am spouting off again about how sexycool it is, and I will stop soon I promise. But not just yet eh?

Actually this entire post is just an excuse for me to try out the WordPress app for iPad. It’s not a fully featured as the main web app but at least it let’s me post to the blog right from my favourite machine. Right’ now that cat’s out of the bag let’s just get blatant and test a couple of other features.

Here (in theory) is a photo:

Hmm, I think I just attached a photo of my new TV but I can’t see it right now. Can you?

Oh dear this is all terribly self-indulgent isn’t it? I like to think crappy posts like this one are better than no posts at all. You agree with me right? Right?

…where’s everybody gone?


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One Response to Pushing My Luck

  1. Tom Anstey says:

    With a widescreen like this, do you need surgery to increase your field of vision?

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