Kiss at Wembley: 32 years on

What a fantastic time we had last night. I’d gone to the concert with mediocre expectations. I have great memories of seeing KISS live in the ’70s and to be honest I was expecting to see a bunch of old men going through the motions. What I got was quite the opposite.

KISS today are just the same as they’ve always been. Older of course, and perhaps a little slower moving, but the combination of years of experience coupled with investing their success back into the show made last night’s concert at Wembley Arena a slick, polished, and thoroughly entertaining night out.

They came onstage at 9pm and were still going strong, halfway through the encore, by the time we had to leave just after 11. Throughout, the KISS Machine was in full swing, complete with breathtaking light show, pyrotechnics, and a multi-screen backdrop that I can only describe as KISS-VISION.

Here’s a clip of the boys rockin’ and stompin’ through the classic: Detroit Rock City, 2010-style:

I feel like a teenager again (only with a middle-aged waistline).


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2 Responses to Kiss at Wembley: 32 years on

  1. Joe Lima says:

    Hiya Chris,
    Glad you had a good time at the show. I only saw them once (about 12 yrs ago or so) even though I listened to their albums a looong time ago. Amazing that they are still going strong.

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