Make A Splash

ColorSplash is a fun new photo retouching app for the iPad that lets you get creative with your photo library.

The basic idea is simple: select a colour photo from your collection and ColorSplash will first remove the colour then let you draw it back in where — and only where — you want, resulting in some very nice effects by bringing out in vivid colour one element of an otherwise black and white pic.

Probably best illustrated with a couple of examples:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see more examples here.

This is the kind of app that really brings out the uniqueness of the iPad experience. Sitting there drawing around objects with my finger, being careful not to go over the lines, makes me feel like a kid with a colouring book. I could sit and play with this all day. A lovely and absorbing way to pass the time while producing some nice images.

It costs £1.19. Just buy it (after you’ve bought an iPad of course).


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