Arrival in Luanda

Thanks once again to Lufthansa’s focus on punctuality we landed on schedule at 0445, so our first views of Angola were a bit dark. Queuing at Immigration was a bit tiresome, but no worse than anywhere else outside the EU. There is a Diplomatic Lane for us Fast Track-ers but at 5am you can’t blame them for not opening it, so we had to line up with the riff-raff.

Only about 15 minutes by car from the airport to the embassy compound, and now I’m sitting in my new lounge watching the Sun come up. First order of business was to unpack enough of my suitcase to retrieve the Wi-Fi router I’d brought with me, and less than an hour after crossing the threshold I’m back online, thanks to an internet feed generously provided by the embassy to the house. Not sure yet if it’s going to be a permanent arrangement but I’m going to make the most of it until I hear different.

Flight was fine but we didn’t get much sleep, so we’re off to bed now for a few hours. Got our first supermarket shop to look forward to this afternoon!


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