The Three Day Itch

It’s our third day in Luanda and the news that UK celebrity and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is being treated for Malaria following a holiday in Tanzania has highlighted for the second time this week something I didn’t know before we came out to Angola: Malaria tablets don’t stop you getting Malaria.

Cheryl Kerl

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention at the clinic, but I now understand that taking the tablets just  reduces the severity of the symptoms rather than preventing infection in the first place.

“Get off me!!”

I’m not too worried about us — I’m told that Luanda isn’t really a Malaria hotspot: there are mosquitoes and you do get bitten (photo of Abigail’s leg to follow), but apparently they’re largely not malarial. All our doors and windows have flyscreens, we have tablets, sprays, creams and are using them, and there are mosquito nets over Elliot’s and Abigail’s beds. We’re still looking for a net big enough to cover our bed — it’s huge.

So I feel OK, having learned what early symptoms to watch out for: headache, aching muscles, exhaustion — sounds like me after two flights of stairs.
Sorry this post has taken longer than usual to write, but I have to keep stopping to scratch.

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