Stir Crazy

Feeling a bit cooped up at the moment. Our own car won’t be here for a couple more weeks, and we’ve been strongly advised not to go into town on foot. What with that and embassy transport being busy on official business, we’re confined to barracks for a few days.

While Karen is at work at the embassy Elliot, Abigail and I are spending our time at home, at the gym, and at the pool. I know it sounds quite luxurious but when you’re the only people in sight it can get a bit isolating.

Still, there’s adventure around the corner. Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to the supermarket again: an adventure in itself. That reminds me, I must get another wheelbarrow full of cash out of the safe…

Then this weekend we’ve booked on a trip out into the country to see some of Angola’s most famous natural features:

Kalandula Falls

Pedras Negras

I found these pics from a quick web search. If the real thing lives up to this then we’ve got a spectacular weekend ahead of us. Full report — and our own pics — to follow.


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