Home Time

Home being Luanda, that is (even I get confused).

After a short but very worthwhile business trip to London (and Bracknell) it’s time to get back on a plane and endure the 18-hour door-to-door trip between London and Luanda via Johannesburg for the second time in less than a week. It wasn’t originally planned that way but that’s how it worked out.

What’s also unfortunate is that I didn’t have time to visit any family or friends, apart from Elliot who came back same day as I but on a different flight, and colleagues at work. It feel quite odd to have been back on a visit yet not seen the people I would normally visit.

I only have three wishes for the economy seat waiting patiently to play host to my backside for the eleven hour first leg:

  1. that the seat-back entertainment system works this time
  2. that the passenger in front of me ISN’T one of those who seems to enjoy rocking back and forth while I’m trying to eat
  3. that I have more than one millimetre of legroom between my knee and the seat in front.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?


About Chris Neal

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