Shut Out Of Facebook

Been having some Facebook issues today, and since I’ve heard that Facebook support is about as reliable as an iPhone 4 and I can’t actually access Facebook to ask my friends, my next best resort is to describe the issue here in hopes that some kind soul on WordPress will find it and, I hope, be able to help.

The Issue

Each time I login to Facebook I get my initial feed displayed and can comment, like etc. to my heart’s content. But the moment I click on either Home, Profile, or another user’s profile I get a blank page. No error message. The “loading…” indicator on my browser finishes so I know it’s not still trying, but it displays nothing. Just white space.The only way back in is to remove the cookie “c_user” in my browser’s preferences. Once that is removed I can log back in but the same problem persists.
I’ve tried Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera – all the same. Safari on my iPad does the same thing. I can’t find how to report this to Facebook.

Abigail has exactly the same problem with her account but Karen’s is fine, and we’re all sharing the same connection. The only difference between Karen and the two of us with the problem is that we both changed our Facebook language (to Pirate English) yesterday. I have since changed mine back but it hasn’t made the problem go away.

Any ideas? Anyone? Anybody There?


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2 Responses to Shut Out Of Facebook

  1. Ken says:


    Had something similar some months back – in my case I seem to recall that it was problematic in Firefox; not sure about other browsers. I ended up scrubbing the entire cache. It was XP so CCleaner was pressed into service, along with telling Firefox to erase the entire history (not that there would be much left by then).
    Just tried Pirate – no adverse effects – other than trying to work out what’s what in the settings menu 🙂

    Full purge of the cache me thinks! Arrr

  2. Chris Neal says:

    Thanks Ken. Clearing the cache is something I would have thought of right away in the past, but being a Mac user I have so few problems I’ve got out of the habit 🙂 Facebook working again now.

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