The Bag

I love Tuesdays. Tuesday is my new favourite day of the week. Why? Because Tuesday is Bag Day.

Diplomats and their families get posted to all sorts of places. While one is working in a sweltering, buzzing, overcrowded Asian metropolis another will be trudging to their embassy on a grey morning with deep snow threatening to invade the top of their wellies. Wherever they find themselves it’s fairly certain they’ll face some difficulties getting hold of some of life’s bare necessities. And that’s where The Bag comes in.

I am referring of course to the Diplomatic Bag, that once weekly delivery of goodies from home that is welcomed like a Red Cross parcel in Colditz. The Bag has an official purpose too of course, but that’s not my relationship with it. No. To me, Tuesday’s Bag delivery represents the chance to scratch that “little treat” itch in a way we just can’t do locally. We have a system where we can order stuff online and get it delivered to an address in the UK, where it is then forwarded to us at Post in said bag. It’s like a mini Christmas every week, except you buy your own presents.

In yesterday’s bag we got:

  • Some post (bills from the London flat, yawn.)
  • For Abigail, a Mary Poppins 2-DVD set (actually I think I chose it for her, but she looked pleased at least. Spot of “Chim-Chimenee” later)
  • For Karen, her long-awaited new book, The Alistair Campbell Diaries.
  • For me, a Quentin Tarantino box set containing Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill 1 & 2, and Jackie Brown.
  • For me (yes, again), a new phone from my company. We’re testing new providers in the run-up to switching our corporate contract so I dutifully stepped up to volunteer as a New Phone Tester. It’s a tough job etc… so one of the bulky packages in The Bag contained my new Nokia E72.

Goodie Bag

As a kid I used to love the feeling of anticipation I got whenever I ordered something from my Mum’s Kays catalogue. I’d sit by the window looking down the street for signs of the postman approaching, wondering “Will it come today?” When ‘it’ finally did come I’d get so excited, but actually the feeling when it didn’t arrive was just as good, because it meant I’d get to do it all again the next day.

Guess I’m still a big kid because I can’t wait for next Tuesday.


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2 Responses to The Bag

  1. Jez Neal says:

    Wanty-bag – you’ll have to fess up and explain the near 50 year connection….

    I’ve got the Tarantino box set – there’s no such thing as a quiet night in with that close at hand…. and then there’s the endless shifting debate with yourself over which is your all time favourite (for it always seem to change for me).

    I want one of those gin and tonics…

  2. C. Holmberg says:

    I still haven’t seen Jackie Brown…. and I see it isn’t on iTunes! The nerve! I’ll, I’ll have to buy a DVD.

    In pre-revolutionary Iran, one of my dad’s perks as a retired Marine was access to the US Embassy commissary in Tehran. We’d make the trip up from Isfahan every couple of months for a few cases of that staple of any American household: Diet Pepsi.

    Among the things we didn’t bother to buy there was US-branded ketchup. I don’t know what they were putting in it, but the Irani brands were much tastier.

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