The Week’s News

Here’s a few of the things that have filled the past week (deliberately excluding work stuff):


We’re babysitting a neighbour’s cat while they live it up in South Africa for the weekend. Sophie is quite old and doesn’t eat much, but she does like to ignore the bowls of water put out for her and instead drink from the bathtap. She also likes to wait by the front door and dash out the minute you open it, and to effect recapture you need a 15-year-old willing to ignore her cat allergy for the common good.

George Benson is in town

Yes, Seventies soul crooner gigs in Luanda. We learned about this too late to consider buying tickets. Quite glad about that because I’m not sure how easy the go/no-go decision would have been.

Toy Story 3 is in town

…and yes, we are in time to buy tickets and yes, we are going. I am firmly in the anti-3D camp (it’s nothing more than a gimmick to make you buy a big new telly and pay more in subscriptions!) and given the choice I will always vote with my feet and see the 2D version, but Luanda’s only cinema may not give me an option. Much as I despise it, 3D cinema is still better than no cinema. That’s coming up on Thursday.

Car news

Still no sign of our own car but we have struck a deal with another embassy colleague to share his private car and driver until ours arrives. This is great because it means we can move about a bit more independently. First trip under the new regime will be to the supermarket on Tuesday.


“Where Knowledge Rules”. I rediscovered this knowledge site over the last week and am having something of a second honeymoon with it (the last, oddly enough, when we were in Saudi). Helium is a writer’s marketplace where your freelance articles are subject to peer review and the ones that float to the top are decorated with ads and — we hope — high up in punters’ Google search results. The resulting advertising revenue is then divvied up. Even the writer gets a small morsel. I’ve written a few articles on there and even just finished my first How-To Guide. If nothing more it’s fun if you like to write and good for honing your skills.

Heavy Baggage

YES! The Big One! Our heavy baggage is ready and will be here as soon as a suitable truck can be sourced. It may even come tomorrow if we’re lucky. I’m referring to the container containing — as good containers do — all our personal belongings. This delivery will make the difference between the house feeling like temporary accommodation and Home. New TV, iMac, Wii, our own kitchenware and appliances, and most importantly our two new UPS units to carry us over the short but frequent power cuts. More details when it happens but if you want a taster you can read about last time.


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One Response to The Week’s News

  1. C. Holmberg says:

    I wondered when the subject of one or more UPS was going to come up. If/when the batteries in one of the units finally goes, uh, north, there are a number of hacks you can attempt to beef up the reserve using one or more automotive or (ideally) industrial deep cycle batteries. The first reference site that comes to mind is

    Elton John is coming to Maui this month, charging US$250 a seat. Paradise tax, I’ll assume.

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