Why you should read XKCD

Colleagues of the geek fraternity will probably already know about this, so can stop reading now.

I thought it was time I shut up about living in Luanda for a bit and wrote instead about something not about me but still, in spite of that, bloody marvellous. XKCD describes itself as “A web comic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”, and that’s exactly what it is.


With simple, almost childlike drawings of diagrams and stick-people the graphics quickly get out of the way and let you focus on the message. The comics are sometimes innocent, sometimes vulgar, often irreverent and almost always funny. But the one thing they are always is clever. Another thing I like is their use of Creative Commons licence, which means we are free to share and copy them as long as we don’t sell them on.

QED 2: The Chuckling

I haven’t worked out yet whether they’re new comic release schedule is strictly one-a-day, but there is always something new when I visit, and along with Dilbert XKCD is the source of one of my daily chuckles. Recommended.


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