Last Night’s Traffic

We had a trip out last night to Belas Shopping Centre to see Toy Story 3D at Luanda’s biggest, poshest (ONLY) cinema. We didn’t get to see that movie in the end, but that’s another story for another time.

Since my last post was a bit of an epic — and the next one will be too, probably — I thought I’d break things up a bit with a few videos from the journey. Yes, I finally remembered to take LuandaCam out with us.

People, cars, and motorbikes everywhere you look. Sorry if the picture’s a bit shaky but we’re not supposed to be filming so I’ve always got one eye looking out for the Old Bill.

Some of the street vendors I keep going on about. This one was offering a rather fetching beach towel with a picture of a young girl in a G-string on it. The sheer variety and randomness of the goods on offer is quite entertaining.

The Toy Story, um, story will follow shortly.


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2 Responses to Last Night’s Traffic

  1. C. Holmberg says:

    Not supposed to record a video? Porque? A general security regulation for anyone in

    • Chris Neal says:

      Thanks for all your comments. You’re right — there is no hard and fast rule regarding shooting video, although we are warned against pointing the lens at government or security buildings, and since we don’t know where they all are and there is a heavy police presence everywhere you get a bit twitchy.

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