Busy Week

I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days (you may or may not have noticed). This week’s been pretty busy, mainly because we had our heavy baggage delivered on Tuesday (see prior post). This filled our time in two ways: unpacking and checking damaged items. Five boxes were completely destroyed by water damage, and another twenty or so were tainted by it: the contents smelling damp and covered in mould.

We’re insured of course, but that’s not the point. Most of the damaged items were of more sentimental value than material: school certificates, framed photos from memorable holidays, a rug that Karen stitched by hand. No insurance policy can replace those.

Enough of that for now. We’ve taken photos of the damage for the insurance claim, and I might post some pics here next week.

Tomorrow we fly to Johannesburg for a weekend getaway. Karen has some spa treatments planned for her and Abigail, and I have gadget shops to ransack. The Sandton Centre shopping mall will be seeing quite a lot of my credit card over the next couple of days, and we’re planning to finally see Toy Story 3 after the last attempt. We’re also taking some borrowed cooler bags with us. Best practice in this situation is to fill at least one suitcase with prime beef and other goodies from a South African supermarket because it’s so much better and cheaper than here in Luanda.

So, until next week…


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2 Responses to Busy Week

  1. Jim Jones says:

    Is it allowed bringing food-stuff back to Angola after every visit out of the country?
    Is there any problem while entering Angola with a bag full of stuff ?

    • Chris Neal says:

      @Jim I don’t know about any other point of origin other than Johannesburg, so couldn’t say whether this always holds true. All I can tell you is that it’s common for people who live in Angola to include grocery shopping into their Jo-burg weekend, and they don’t normally have a problem on their return.

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