My Hero

Who would have thought that on a routine weekend away to Johannesburg I would end up meeting one of my all-time heroes?

I was amazed to find — just a three minute walk from Nelson Mandela Square — none other than… <drumroll>… CHARLES MARTINET!!!


Oh, come on! You mean to tell me you don’t know who Charles Martinet is?? OK, neither did I until I went to Jo’burg and found that the video game store in Sandton City mall last Saturday was featuring a personal appearance by Mr. Martinet — THE VOICE OF MARIO.

"Blimey, it's Mario's Voice!!"

When I got to the store there was a queue of kids and parents waiting to get posters and copies of Super Mario Galaxy 2 signed by Mr. Mario himself, and there were Mario & Luigi characters on hand too for photo opps.

I am in the market for a copy of SMG2, but since my Wii is not usable right now (we lost the power adapter in the move to Luanda) it didn’t seem urgent enough to want to stand in line with a bunch of little kids.

Every time someone pointed a camera at him, he did a thumbs-up and a "Wa-Hoo!"

So instead I pulled LuandaCam out of my pocket and took a few shots for posterity. When I trained my phone camera on Mario & Luigi a female shop assistant approached and said, “Would you like me to take a photo of you with them?”

“Oh no, no, there’s no need, thanks.”

Ten seconds elapsed, and by the time she was looking like shifting her attention elsewhere I realised that this was a now-or-never moment, so I said, “Oh, go on then!”


Not that impressive in the world of personal challenges you’re thinking, but ask yourself if you’d have done the same and perhaps you’ll appreciate a little more the guts this took.

More on our Jo’burg weekend to follow (maybe).


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