On The Road (Well, In The Air) Again

Provo beckons once more. Yes, it’s time for a Team Meeting. Got a busy day of packing and shopping today, then tomorrow it’s off to the airport.

How’s this for an itinerary?

  • Luanda –> Johannesburg: 3 hrs 15 mins
  • (2 hr layover)
  • Johannesburg –> Atlanta: 16 hrs 25 mins
  • (2 hr layover)
  • Atlanta –> Salt Lake City: 4 hrs

So, just the 27 hours then!… and 23 of those hunched in an economy seat. I refer you to the legend on the masthead.

I am looking forward to it, but to getting there more than the journey itself. It’ll be good to meet up again with the people I email and Skype with every day.

I’ll be in Provo for two weeks, and am REALLY looking forward to the middle weekend, when my mate Jason and I will be motorcycling to Southern Utah and Scenic Byway 12. This designated All-American Road twists and turns through over 100 miles of stunning scenery. Let’s hope the weather’s good.

Scenic Byway 12. Let's ride!

There will be stories and photos a-plenty up on my return, but whether you’ll hear from me between now and then is anyone’s guess.


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One Response to On The Road (Well, In The Air) Again

  1. Jason says:

    Looking forward to it as well my friend! Safe journeys and see you soon.

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