A Weekend To Remember

I’m exhausted and saddle-sore, but also elated at the simply superb weekend I just had with my mate Jason riding Highway 12. This designated “All American Road” has to be seen to be believed. Over a hundred miles of stunning scenery and long, smooth roads that alternate between tight corners and sweeping bends. It’s a motorcyclist’s dream.

Highway 12, Southern Utah

My ride for the weekend was a BMW R1200R, which I was given a free — yes FREE — loan of for the weekend thanks to Jason’s relationship with the Manager at BMW Motorcycles of Utah.

The R1200R. Great bike.


The town of Torrey (where Highway 12 starts) is around 180 miles south of Provo so we were pretty tired by the time we got there just after lunchtime. We checked in at our hotel, the Rim Rock Inn, dumped our luggage then headed off. We had hoped to ride all of Highway 12 in both directions but that would have added another 250 miles to the 180 we’d already ridden, and would have meant a late night return, so instead we decided to go just halfway down to Escalante and back.

Nice 'ere innit?


Well, what can I say. “The 12” is a superb road for biking: long straights, sweeping curves, mountain passes and breathtaking scenery for its entire length.

Half of a big 180 bend

"Excuse me Mister, could you take a photo of us please?"

We returned to the hotel around 6.30pm. Tired, sore, but buzzing with pleasure at the ride we’d just had. A well-earned beer or two was had on the veranda outside the restaurant, where we got talking to some other bikers and swapped stories. Then it was a 14oz Cowboy Cut Steak each for Jason and me, accompanied by a cheeky Californian Cab’.

Day Two began with a short ride into Capitol Reef National Park. Again, stunning scenery and a slow cruise down their Scenic Drive.

Capitol Reef's Scenic Drive

After that we set off for home, a mere 200 miles away. We rode 550 miles in all and I loved every minute of it.

Of course there’s a problem: we only did HALF of Highway 12. Oh well, guess I’ll have to go back and finish it another time.

We shot loads of video too. That’s to follow later though, because right now I need my bed!


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