Good news on the car front: we’re finally road legal! The Diplomatic plates arrived while I was away in Utah, as did the replacement control panel for the stereo, so on Tuesday Dino and I ventured out to Jumbo (supermarket) in my own wheels for the first time. The stereo still needs work — not fitted into the dash correctly so it moves around a bit and the front speakers don’t work. I’m still without a toolkit and jack, and haven’t yet bought the mandatory safety equipment — warning triangle, jump leads, fire extinguisher and hi-viz vest — that all cars in Angola have to carry, but we’re getting there. This Saturday I’m going to have my first go at driving so if you don’t see any new posts after the weekend you’ll know why!


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2 Responses to Progress!

  1. Tom Hartman says:

    So can you park anywhere you want with those plates?

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