Bloody Phone!!

Right, it’s gone beyond my-blackberry-has-been-having-the-occasional-bad-day and officially moved into my-flippin-blackberry-is-completely-unusable-because-it-keeps-shutting-down-FOR-NO-REASON.

I went out in the car this morning, dear reader, with the express intention of shooting some amusing video of Luanda’s impossible traffic. Yet only ten minutes into the journey by fully charged Blackberry went dark on me. That has to be the twentieth time it’s done that in the last couple of months.

So, no funny videos today. Sorry. Blame RIM.

Every cloud has a silver lining though: this means I need a new phone! But what to get? Another Blackberry is the obvious choice, if a bit boring. iPhone 4 maybe? But then I already have two Macs, an iPod Touch, an Apple TV and an iPad so if I were to go that route people might start regarding me as a bit of an Apple Fanboy. Can’t have that…

ANDROID. Most of the mobile postings to my Facebook newsfeed lately seem to be coming from Android-based devices like the Samsung Galaxy or the HTC Desire or Hero. I’ve never used one before but I like the sound of it.

Which would you choose?


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6 Responses to Bloody Phone!!

  1. Rob J says:

    Well. I have a desire, and I love it. I bought it before the iphone 4 came out, so it was easily the best phone on the market (in my mind). I think the iphone 4 has better features, butt in all honesty, if I needed to replace my phone right now I would get another desire. The galaxy does look very nice though. Of course htc seem to be bringing out new phones constantly… Is the desire hd out yet?

    • Chris Neal says:

      HD comes out in UK in November, but I don’t think I can wait that long. In this game whatever you choose will probably be superseded by the time the postman delivers it. I am leaning towards either the Desire or the Desire Z though.

  2. Jez Neal says:

    Chris – let me know when you’ve done all the hard work and arrived at a balanced and sensible decision…. I need to upgrade my phone but the thought of doing all the feature comparison stuff defeats me. (as does the price in the case of the iPhone4).

  3. Chris Neal says:

    Much as I like the look of the HTC Desire family I’d have had to pay for that myself, while my company was offering me a new Blackberry Bold 9700, so I went for the free phone option. Should get it in the post this Tuesday!

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