Luanda-Cam Back Online?

I’ve finally managed to organise a replacement for my broken old phone, and if all goes to plan I should take delivery of my new Blackberry Bold 9700 tomorrow afternoon. Of course this is Angola so things don’t often go to plan. If it doesn’t come tomorrow then I’ll have to wait another week, but I’m hopeful. Having a decent phone with video capabilities means I’ll be once again in a position to film some of the sights and sounds of downtown Luanda — from the safety of the passenger seat of my locked SUV of course.

There are some fascinating things to see out and about here, but any photography has to be done surreptitiously, partly because an expensive camera visibly in my hands probably wouldn’t stay there for very long and also because I might get into trouble with the ever-present police for unwittingly pointing my lens at the wrong building.

I really wish I’d had Luanda-Cam with me last week, for example. We were stopped at a petrol station and while Dino was refilling the tank Abigail and I saw a moped cruise past, weaving its way in and out of the stationary traffic. Not an unusual sight here, in fact they’re everywhere  you look, but this one had a pillion passenger with two car tyres around his torso, so from the back all we could see was the two tyres on the seat with his helmeted head poking out the top. Whether this was necessity being the mother of invention or he’d found a novel new type of protective motorcycle apparel we could only speculate. Abigail did take a hurried snap with her phone and if she ever remembers to send it to me I’ll post it here. Otherwise stay tuned for the next gripping clip from Luanda-Cam.


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One Response to Luanda-Cam Back Online?

  1. Thomas Sens says:

    You bet I’ll stay to watch that place.
    Always interesting, amusing and fun to peep.
    Pleas ego on, can’t wait 🙂

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