Awesome New Facebook Meme Goes Viral!!!

The things you think of in the shower…

Remember this?


‘Course you do.

Well, I thought, now that the “set a cartoon character as your profile pic to protest child abuse” Facebook meme (which was great, by the way) is a bit old now, we should have something new to replace it, while continuing to help save the planet by being shallow.

So, show your support for my new movement, like THIS!


Become The Sun Baby Off Teletubbies Against Child Abuse!

Of course it’s easy for me to do because this is my natural look, but you might have to use Photoshop or something.

Come on, join in the fun! Yeah, I definitely reckon that’s what you should all do. If you do and it catches on you’ll make me famous and, and, I’ll be interviewed on Mashable and Graham Norton and stuff. It’ll be great!

Right, tea break over. Back to work!


About Chris Neal

Personal Technology Consultant. Tailored services and advice for people who want more from their technology.
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One Response to Awesome New Facebook Meme Goes Viral!!!

  1. serensnipe says:

    thats an effect in the ipads photobooth app.

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