The Hitcher

How was your Christmas? I spent mine gaining weight, mostly.

First full day back in Luanda today and the children are enjoying a brief spell of warm weather before returning to the UK next year/month/week.

My other main activity over the last week or so — apart from the aforementioned weight gain — has been shooting little videos with the very cool little Flip camcorder that Karen got me. This morning it got its first Luanda Action. Karen went to work at the Embassy and I set off in the car with Elliot and Abigail to do a bit of shopping. We’d gone about a  mile when I noticed a small but sudden movement on the bonnet. Elliot noticed it too and shot this:

It’s hard to tell how he felt about this unplanned joyride. I like to think it was an exhilarating white knuckle ride for him, but he was probably just as petrified as he looked. As noted in the commentary but unfortunately not captured on video, the poor little thing did fly off a few moments later, having first made a desperate rush up the windscreen. We carried on and completed our shopping mission, but I did forget the onions. If I ever see that pesky lizard again!…

Oh yes, Happy New Year for tomorrow (I might be too blurgh to blog).


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