Lights, Camera, Action!

Having spent a lovely Christmas in London with the children we brought them back out with us to Luanda for New Year’s, and the two-day tour we took on Jan 3&4 was the perfect outing for my favourite Christmas present: the Flip Mino HD.

The perfect thing for making little films

This cute little device can shoot up to two hours of HD video onto its built-in 8Gb of storage. The flip-out USB connector (where the name comes from) allows you to plug it straight into your computer without cables, where it not only recharges its battery but also offers up the built-in FlipShare software to install. No CDs, no cables, no separate memory cards. It’s an appliance in the truest sense.

Add to that my recent upgrade to iLife ’11 and iMovie in particular, with it’s built-in “Movie Trailer” mode, and combine that with a two-day sortie into deepest darkest Angola and you have the makings of a blockbuster.

I’ve posted this on Facebook already, but if I’m honest I was disappointed with the reaction. I was hoping for more words of praise for my 55-second masterpiece, so unashamedly post it here also. If you’re reading this from Facebook and think I’m repeating myself… tough.

iMovie has all these nifty pre-built movie trailer templates that let you just paste your clips into. You can have sci-fi, thriller, film noir or chick flick, but for our little adventure — which included a bridge with no rails over raging rapids and getting the jeep stuck in the mud of a rain-soaked mountain road — I just had to pick Action Blockbuster.

Think I’ll be making one or two more of these.


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One Response to Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. C. Holmberg says:

    As I catch up with your posts, a month later, I say: the trailer is sucking me in. Bring on the full length film!

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