Why Not Try Something New Today?

I like trying new things. It gives life a little added zest and helps me to feel young (even though I’m not, any more).

You may have heard that it was my 50th birthday last week, and as part of the week-long celebrations we had a Birthday Lunch last Sunday at Montego Bay in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton (South Africa): one of my favourite places. If you ever find yourself in Johannesburg and you like seafood, you won’t do much better.

I like vodka, I like tomato juice, and I like oysters. What better then for one who likes new experiences than a Bloody Mary Oyster Shot? These little beauties come by the half-dozen just like regular oysters, but I wouldn’t want to have six of them one after the other. Sounds like a dish made for sharing. I persuaded the waiter to let us have just two, so that Elliot and I could try them.

Here’s my expert demo:

Don’t swallow whole, but don’t chew either. The sweet spot is somewhere in between, where you just massage the oyster with your molars to the point where it just starts to break up, releasing the flavour, then swallow.

Bloody (Mary) Marvellous!


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