Lazy Weekend

Finding ourselves with no commitments or firm plans Karen and I had a quiet weekend watching TV and writing and scrapbooking. I am reminded of the need for regular exercise too (each time I look down), so we trudged up to the pool on both days. The hot and sunny weather brought out the Summer activity in the garden: as we bobbed about in the pool we were treated to aerial displays by the local birds. The prettiest ones are also among the smallest birds I’ve ever seen, some only a couple of inches long. The Glossy Starling is worth a mention –a dull dark grey when in shadow but when the light hits its feathers just right you get a flash of the deepest cobalt blue. It’s beautiful. There’s also a very pretty tiny green and yellow bird that I cannot name.

Glossy Starling (photo not by me)

I rushed back down to the house to get my camera, but by the time I had returned they had either had enough or been scared off. Couldn’t have been the sight of me in my mankini, could it?

With the stars of the show absent I had to find something else to point my lens at. Luckily there were also some stunning butterflies flitting about, interested in the colourful flowers. They seemed less bothered by my near naked presence so I was able to get some good shots. Here are my two favourites:



The full set can be seen in this Flickr slideshow. In posting these photos and trying to share them I have been frustrated by the seeming non-cooperation between Facebook, Flickr and WordPress. It really should be easier than this. But that’s another story for another day.


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