get it write folk’s

Should ‘proper’ English grammar be protected and enforced, or should language be allowed to evolve freely? Does it really matter if someone uses ‘less’ when they mean ‘fewer’, or if they don’t know the difference between there, their and they’re? This is an odd battle because the Grammar Police are the only side that cares. The others — or other’s, to give them there proper name — have the powerful ability to wind up the former by simply not being arsed.

At the end of the day, why shouldnt we let the rules move with the time’s? What does it matter weather apostrophe’s are used right: or weather punctuation is correctly employe’d, as long as we can make ourselve’s understood! I purpose that we adopt a laissez-fair aptitude and let people write how they wanna write. The rules governing use of apostrophe’s is way too hard for people to grasp: when to use it when not? It give’s me a headache. We should have a new rule wear people can put an apostrophe next to an S whenever it feel’s more comfortable for them. I know that would make load’s of signwriter’s in the food retail industry happy, because theyd be able to advertise there sandwich’s, sausage’s and potato’s free of stres’s. And while were at it whats with all this punctuation crap. I can never remember when a coma should go instead of a full stop and theres way too many of these !!!! on Facebook too. I can’t even remember what their called but they wind me up I say lets do without punctuation altogether it would make life much easier people can still read the right meaning in stuff without a bunch of punctuation mark’s Capital letters our another pain I cant be bothered with oops just ended a sentence with a preposition there but thanks to no punctuation its ok now because who can say what a sentence is any more however going down this root is not as much fun as knowing the rule’s and pointing out peoples ignorance to them at every opportunity i know lets get facebook to fine people two credits each time they write something stupid that would kill off farmville at a stroke



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