The Mile High Network

As someone about to take another long journey (Luanda-Johannesburg-Frankfurt-Amsterdam) this is a subject close to my heart.

Although a few airlines are now starting to offer onboard Wi-Fi, progress is typically slow and while we wait for our own carrier to catch up the rest of us sit for hours in a cramped seat, getting cold sweats from Facebook withdrawal.

I think the airlines should set up their own in-flight social network. No internet connection needed, just you and your fellow passengers with their touchscreens. Sign up with any handle you like and you can while away the hours “liking” movies, playing games, and commenting on each others’ status updates.

TONYP–The bloke next to me smells like a week-dead rat smothered in cold curry sauce.
(2 comments) FLYBOY—Yuk! DEBS57—Nice. Pooey!
ECONOMYJOE–I wouldn’t say the woman next to me has love handles but the centre armrest is unusually well padded
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TEENA–Well that meal was terrible. And my seat won’t recline! 😦
FLATBEDPHIL–The blonde flight attendant is MEGAHOT!!!
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FARTYMARTIN–I wouldn’t use the cubicle in front of row 43 for a few minutes if I were you.


Remember where you heard it first. Next week’s work schedule means I might not be posting much, but you never know your luck.


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