African Roadblock

I mentioned in my recent post that our second game drive in Kruger featured a close encounter with a gang of feral teenage Black Rhinos. On seeing this up ahead I felt as if I’d taken a wrong turn down an alley on a council estate, to see a gang of hoodied chavs loitering and blocking my path. To grit one’s teeth and advance, or to turn and run? It had taken us almost an hour of single dirt track to get to this point so turning back was a last resort. In the end we just waited–and stared–them out.


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One Response to African Roadblock

  1. Chris Neal says:

    Correction: I am almost certain now that these were not Black, but White Rhino. I have since learned about the differences between the two, and it has nothing to do with the colour of their skin. Black Rhinos are smaller, rarer, and usually solitary, so on that basis I think these must have been of the White variety.

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