Journey into a New World

For those who don’t know, Novell was acquired by Attachmate Group last week, and in this week’s restructuring we will lose some people, and those–like me–who remain will undoubtedly see our jobs change significantly.

This has coincided with my taking a trip to Novell’s HQ in Provo Utah. The trip was arranged weeks ago but the objectives will likely change. I’m setting off tomorrow with an open mind and I’m looking forward to seeing how the new Novell will move forward alongside Attachmate Group’s other three business units: NetIQ, Attachmate, and SUSE.

What I’m not looking forward to is the journey: tomorrow I get picked up at 11am to be driven to Luanda airport. From there it’s three hours with SAA to Johannesburg where I connect with the Delta flight to Atlanta Georgia. This one’s the killer–8,439 miles, sixteen and a half hours in an Economy seat. According to Wikipedia this is the third longest non-stop commercial flight there is. Lucky me. I’m busy loading my iPad with books and movies to get me through the ordeal. Once I get to Atlanta (Thursday morning), I connect with a four-hour flight to Salt Lake City, where I pick up my rental car and have an hour’s drive to Provo. I’m getting tired just writing about it.

I’m scheduled to be in Provo for eight days, leaving on Friday May 13 (I’m not superstitious, before you ask). The return trip is a little better: Salt Lake to Minneapolis, then on to London Heathrow where I’m taking a day to rest before continuing home. The final leg will be Lufthansa to Frankfurt, and then overnight to Luanda. So I leave Utah on Friday and finally get home to Luanda the following Monday.

Whether I’ll get around to blogging while I’m away, I can’t say. But I am looking forward to learning about how the job will change and to getting to know my new co-workers.


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2 Responses to Journey into a New World

  1. cmholm says:

    I suspect you’re now (6/6/11) better informed regarding your corporate fate. Based on the lack of overlap in the Attachmate family, I didn’t anticipate *too* many redundancies beyond the executive suites.

  2. Chris Neal says:

    You might think that but we lost around a third of our original workforce in the transition, so I feel quite fortunate to still be around.

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