Back Down to Earth With a Bump

In the last two and a bit weeks I have enjoyed the clear mountain air of Utah (including a motorcycling weekend), been carried along the wave of glamour and spectacle that is the Las Vegas Strip, and spent two days in sunny, springtime London visiting family (and my wonderful CB1300. It’s a motorbike). Oh, and flown about 20,000 miles and crossed nine time zones in both directions in the process. The pilots on each of these flights seem to have been in unspoken competition with each other to see who could plonk me down on the runway with the most force. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a graceful, smooth landing.

And now I’m back in Luanda, trying to keep the jetlag at bay and getting back into my regular routine. On yesterday’s shopping trip I was impressed to see how quickly some of the city’s construction projects were progressing: a new road system linking the Marginal to the Ilha, which was just taking shape when I left, is now almost finished and we actually drove on some of the new road. It is badly needed though, as the rest of my journey to the supermarket along the Marginal was done at slower than walking pace. I visited a branch of Casa Dos Frescos that I hadn’t been to before, and I don’t think I’ll be visiting again–it is at the end of quite possibly the smelliest alleyway I have ever walked down. To create the experience in your own back garden, simply throw some faeces, a bucket of sick and three rotting cabbages on the barbecue and set light to it. Since returning we have had two power cuts and the Internet went down for a couple of hours.

I was wide awake at 4am this morning and reached for my iPad, which was busy charging on the bedside table. When you remove the charging cable on an iPad the screen lights up, so I tried to maneuver (not sure if that’s spelled right. WordPress spellchecker suggested that spelling and then immediately placed a red line under it. I’m sure there should be an O in there somewhere but WordPress didn’t like that either. It also puts a red line under the word ‘WordPress’) my iPad under the bedclothes before pulling the cable out, so as to avoid waking Karen with the sudden illumination. In doing so I accidentally pressed the Home button with my thumb and the room lit up with a sudden glow. What with that and my reading and doing email under the covers and fidgeting about, I think Karen got as little sleep as I.

Is it time for bed yet? Oh no, it’s only 8.52am. It’s going to be a long day.


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