MBS Alert!

In my dreams I have unlimited funds and a big house with two double garages situated perfectly amid twisting country roads, but with easy access to the motorway network and within an hour’s drive of London.

And in my dreams I have MBS, or Multiple Bike Syndrome.

Yes, my second double garage would house my collection of motorcycles, one for each of my moods. I’ve been spending a bit of time on Yamaha’s website lately, wondering which bike to get next. I love my CB1300 (Honda) to bits, and there is nothing at all wrong with it, but with so many great bikes and so little time before I’m either too fat or too arthritic to ride, I want to play the field and sample the variety of experiences that motorcycling has to offer.

Yamaha is a great brand and it’s looking likely that my next purchase will sport the Three Tuning Forks.

In fact, If my dreams came true and I could truly succumb to my MBS lust I could get my collection off to a great start without ever having to leave the Yamaha dealership:

I’d have these four:

The Fazer Thou, for everyday use and Sunday morning ridess

The FZ-1 Fazer is undoubtedly the best all-rounder of the bunch, providing a more comfortable riding position than the R1 but with a good portion of its superbike performance. This is the one for flicking around the Twisties on a Sunday morning, and filtering through traffic on the North Circular during the week.

The FJR-1300A, for long trips and weekends away

With all-day riding comfort promised by the adjustable seat, handlebars, and screen, and with heated grips and matching side cases as standard, the FJR-1300 is the Daddy. Perfect for long weekends away with the Missus (if I can get her near it). If Radley did motorcycle leathers I might stand a chance…

The R1, for track days and short sharp adrenaline hits

The R1 is Yamaha’s road-legal superbike, and an insanely fast machine. Crippling on my back after anything longer than an hour, but Fun with a capital F.

...and the MT-01 for posing at The Ace Cafe

And finally there’s the MT-01. I love this bike’s aggresive stance, massive throaty V-Twin engine and high level twin exhausts. A real head turner. This is the one I’d choose for showing off in The Ace Cafe car park.

Ooh, I’m getting all hot under the collar just imagining it. Meanwhile, back in the real world, I’ll only be able to afford one, so it’ll almost certainly be the FJR-1300, the Old Man’s Bike of the bunch. I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this now though–my next bike is at least a year away. Still, it’s nice to dream…


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2 Responses to MBS Alert!

  1. C. Holmberg says:

    We can’t seem to maintain a proper riding stable at my shop. One of our systems guys is doing his best to help, having evolved from a Ford F150 (Harley Edition), to a Buell, to a Ducati Diavel.

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