The Other Side of the Street

I’ve been gazing longingly at that greener grass lately. It all started when–on a whim–I treated myself to a new phone. My new Samsung Galaxy SII was a first bite of the forbidden fruit that is Android, and now I’ve had a taste I want more. So I’ve told my iPad its days are numbered and ordered an Android tablet.

Regular readers will doubtless be wiping spat tea off their computer screens after that bombshell.  How can a dues-paying Apple fanboy like me even contemplate such treason?

I have four reasons:

1. I am growing bored 0f the iOS/iBooks/iTunes experience. In an effort to protect us from the dark side of the force Apple acts as arbiter of app suitability, publishing only those it deems suitable and barring the rest. This gives us and our families a safe, polished, user-friendly experience that is about as white-knuckle as Disney’s It’s A Small World ride.  I’d rather have a freer app marketplace and judge for myself.

2.  Android is really nice, and if you don’t like the stock version the device comes with you can download and install a different one for complete control of your UI (techies only).

3. Goldilocks screen size. My iPad’s screen is too big, my phone’s too small. I reckon a 7-8 inch would be perfect: big enough for ebooks, web, and movies yet small enough to be portable and easy to hold in awkward positions (bed).

4. Samsung kit is very well built and designed. My Galaxy SII is small and light yet robust. It looks gorgeous and works really well, so a Samsung tablet would do all of that, bigger.

As I wait to get my hands on my new Galaxy Tab 7.7 I feel a bit like someone working their month’s notice: I still pick up my iPad and use it but I’m just going through the motions, feeling a mixture of guilt and excitement that pastures new are just around the corner.


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2 Responses to The Other Side of the Street

  1. C. Holmberg says:

    Keep in mind that there’s a *lot* of malware/spyware amid the Android apps. I think the first thing I’d want to configure in the OS would be an IPTables firewall in an attempt to keep the miscreants off-line.

  2. Jeff Polomsky says:


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