My New Bike Is My Old Bike

About ten months ago I wrote a blog post about my next choice of motorcycle, the main thrust of which was that in an ideal world you would have several bikes to cater for your changing mood and needs. At the time I was convinced I would end up replacing my beloved Honda CB1300 with a Yamaha, and I listed four of their models that, put together, would represent motorcycling Nirvana. There was a street roadster, a sports tourer, a racing superbike and the MT-01 in a category of its own. This is the trouble with motorcycling: sometimes you want comfort, sometimes speed and great handling, sometimes head-turning good looks, and there are precious few bikes that deliver all three. Tourers are super-comfortable and have loads of accessories, but they can be a bit dull to ride. Sport bikes are thrilling to ride but bum-numbingly and back-breakingly uncomfortable on a long run.

Like most bikers I can’t afford a multi-bike stable so, for me, if it’s to be my one and only bike it needs to be a great all-rounder: fast enough for an adrenaline fix yet comfy enough to ride all day long, while looking great too. It then occurred to me that I was describing my CB1300. So, I already own the bike of my dreams but I still yearn for something new: whatever should I do?

Buy another CB1300 of course!

My Precious!

Say Hello to my new Precious.

I wasn’t looking to buy right now; I just started looking around at used CB1300’s to see what the market was like, but then I found this bike advertised by a dealer in Milton Keynes. At two years old and with only 2,000 miles on the clock it’s almost brand new, but much much cheaper. In short, a bargain I couldn’t pass up. I phoned the dealer and left a deposit to hold it until I could get there, and bought it without even riding it. There was no need for a test ride: the bike is in pristine condition and I already know the superb inline four engine, so all that was required was for them to swap my after-market exhaust can over to the new bike and do the paperwork.

I had only three days to get acquainted before flying back to Luanda so I covered about 200 miles on each day, in weather varying from blue skies and sunshine to torrential rain, and I loved every minute of it.

I never thought I’d buy two of the same bike, but the CB1300, for me, IS the perfect all-rounder. I have found my biking soulmate.


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2 Responses to My New Bike Is My Old Bike

  1. DazLoczy says:

    I think it’s the most desirable bike in Hondas stable although I am hopefully test riding on a Crossrunner and VFR800 soon.

  2. Tom Hartman says:

    I feel the same way about my R1200RT. Good for a two up ride with Cheryl, good enough in the twisties, and as fast as I want to go.

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