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Another HDR Experiment

As I said in the last posting, the effect of HDR is most dramatic when there is a wide variation in light and dark areas. Lit night-time scenes are the best subjects, but those are in short supply around here … Continue reading

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Getting back into photography

You may have noticed (you probably haven’t) that once again I have been completely rubbish at updating the blog. This has been due to a bit of a crisis of direction: finding it difficult to set aside time to really … Continue reading

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Water Water Everywhere…

Boat trips are a holiday staple, and I consider any holiday that isn’t at least in part on the water to be incomplete. Our hotel in Mumbai was right next to The Gateway Of India, which is also where most … Continue reading

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MBS Alert!

In my dreams I have unlimited funds and a big house with two double garages situated perfectly amid twisting country roads, but with easy access to the motorway network and within an hour’s drive of London. And in my dreams … Continue reading

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Drowning in Apps

“Middle-aged man beats himself to death with iPad. Coroner records a verdict of ‘Appcidental Death’.” WEEKEND CHORES Take out the rubbish Clean out the fridge Update my apps Don’t get me wrong: I love my iPad, but having to keep … Continue reading

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Two Moving Dining Experiences

I like to eat out. So do lots of other people. With so many places to choose from, what kind of new tactics can restaurateurs employ to make their own establishment stand out? One interesting approach is to switch attention … Continue reading

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Somewhere, Anyone?

My friend Keith and I were both wifeless last weekend, so we decided to go to the cinema at Belas Shopping in Luanda Sul. Their website is not always helpful, and always in Portuguese, so you can only get an … Continue reading

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