Background Info

I spent 2006/7 writing Neal Of Arabia: a blog about my life as a Diplomatic Spouse in Riyadh. I then spent two and half years living in London and in July 2010 we moved to Luanda, Angola for my wife’s next Diplomatic posting. The next two years are going to be hot, adventure-packed, and expensive!

I want to write for a living one day and cut myself free of the computer software industry. Until then, this is just a hobby. If you’re in the literary world and like what I write, please give me a million pounds and a yacht in Monte Carlo.


9 Responses to Background Info

  1. Dream says:

    Sorry, I am not in the literary world… but I will try to read all you wrote! and perhaps I will like it!
    As to the yacht… I would prefer a sailing yacht…

    Have a nice day! … from Italy…

  2. Abu Arron says:

    Hi Neal,

    Thanks for the Saudi blog. Having left in 1992 it looks like I’m heading back to Riyadh next month. Can’t complain I suppose as I’ve spent time in Dubai and Bahrain (with alternating residence back in dear ol’ Blighty). I think I’d prefer a return to Kuwait, given the choice, but Riyadh wasn’t a problem last time, so……….

    Anyway, the blog was most informative (thanks again) and shows that things haven’t changed that much. The kids are (obviously) older now and the boy is distinctly unimpressed that I’m heading back to KSA. The daughter, unusually, hasn’t said much at all. I think it’s the occasional “incident” that has them concerned. At least in the early nineties, it was only the driving standards that tried to kill us (albeit unintentionally) and all we had to do was keep our heads down and get on with it.

    It seems you’re enjoying life back home, well done.



  3. Chris Neal says:

    Thanks for the comment Peter. Can’t say I’d choose Riyadh again over Bahrain or Dubai, but it’s certainly an interesting place and not without its charms. Good luck!

  4. raincoaster says:

    “Neal of Belgravia” perhaps?

  5. Chris Neal says:

    Ha! Great name raincoaster, thanks. I’d love to call this blog Neal of Belgravia, but the trivially fraudulent aspect of it (I don’t actually live in Belgravia) would prey on my conscience and give me nightmares. Sad I know, but that’s the kind of guy I am.

    Maybe I could start to specialize in rants about the yobbish antics of my fellow Londoners and call the blog “Neal of Behaviour”?

  6. C. Holmberg says:

    Drat, your account doesn’t seem set up for RSS. I’ll be forced to remember to check for updates. Ah well.

  7. Sue Evans says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, Hubby is due to start a job in Luanda in the next couple of weeks and you have given me a good insight in what to expect when I visit him!!

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