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Today’s blog post: The Director’s Cut

I started out intending to write a diatribe about movie “Special Editions” and “Director’s Cuts”, preparing to denounce them all as blatant exploitative rip-offs that are produced with no respect to the original but aimed only at squeezing more money … Continue reading

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Somewhere, Anyone?

My friend Keith and I were both wifeless last weekend, so we decided to go to the cinema at Belas Shopping in Luanda Sul. Their website is not always helpful, and always in Portuguese, so you can only get an … Continue reading

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That’s Entertainment

Day Three of my Utah trip and thanks to jet lag I woke up this morning feeling as fresh as a daisy—at 3.30am. So it looks like I will have time to blog after all. It’s at times like this—when … Continue reading

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In The Toilet, No-one Can Hear You Scream

Those of a nervous disposition–including those who don’t want to hear about my digestive system–look away now. In the classic ’70s Ridley Scott film Alien, Kane awakes and sits up on the edge of the bed in the Nostromo’s sickbay, … Continue reading

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Getting Back in the Swing

“Previously on Bloody Marvellous…” As you know I’ve just got back from a 2-week business trip to Utah, so my excuse for not writing anything in the last few days is jet lag, combined with thoughts about work refusing to … Continue reading

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Did That Really Happen?

We’ve all been having some very vivid and memorable dreams since moving to Luanda. Last night for instance we were horse-sitting for a neighbour and had to go into their kitchen (where the horse was) every day to replenish its … Continue reading

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Good ‘n’ Bad

So what on earth has been going on in my life to excuse my totally  shameless lack of attention to the blog? Well, Life, I guess. Pure & simple. Been pretty busy at work for the last few weeks. Novell … Continue reading

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