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Today’s blog post: The Director’s Cut

I started out intending to write a diatribe about movie “Special Editions” and “Director’s Cuts”, preparing to denounce them all as blatant exploitative rip-offs that are produced with no respect to the original but aimed only at squeezing more money … Continue reading

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Drive-By Luanda

First proper post of the New Year and we’re staying with the photography theme. In Johannesburg last week I bought myself a Fujifilm Finepix X100. I’d been coveting this little beauty for weeks, and during our New Year’s trip to … Continue reading

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Drowning in Apps

“Middle-aged man beats himself to death with iPad. Coroner records a verdict of ‘Appcidental Death’.” WEEKEND CHORES Take out the rubbish Clean out the fridge Update my apps Don’t get me wrong: I love my iPad, but having to keep … Continue reading

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get it write folk’s

Should ‘proper’ English grammar be protected and enforced, or should language be allowed to evolve freely? Does it really matter if someone uses ‘less’ when they mean ‘fewer’, or if they don’t know the difference between there, their and they’re? … Continue reading

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Why You Should Keep Facebook On A Leash

Facebook has come in for some criticism over its policies regarding users’ personal privacy, and with good reason. It’s less about what it does with your data than what it decides to tell you it’s doing. You may think you’re … Continue reading

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Nice LuandaCam, Shame About The Smartphone

Finally took delivery of my new Blackberry Bold 9700 yesterday, a mere four weeks after ordering it — but then, I’m in Luanda so what should I expect? Typically, what should have been a pleasant experience was tinged with disappointment … Continue reading

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SWAT Training

I’m proud to say I made my first purchase from a Luanda street vendor the other day. Well, OK, I sat in the passenger seat pointing and saying what I wanted to buy loudly in English and waving two 500 … Continue reading

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