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Water Water Everywhere…

Boat trips are a holiday staple, and I consider any holiday that isn’t at least in part on the water to be incomplete. Our hotel in Mumbai was right next to The Gateway Of India, which is also where most … Continue reading

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Two Moving Dining Experiences

I like to eat out. So do lots of other people. With so many places to choose from, what kind of new tactics can restaurateurs employ to make their own establishment stand out? One interesting approach is to switch attention … Continue reading

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Back Down to Earth With a Bump

In the last two and a bit weeks I have enjoyed the clear mountain air of Utah (including a motorcycling weekend), been carried along the wave of glamour and spectacle that is the Las Vegas Strip, and spent two days … Continue reading

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That’s Entertainment

Day Three of my Utah trip and thanks to jet lag I woke up this morning feeling as fresh as a daisy—at 3.30am. So it looks like I will have time to blog after all. It’s at times like this—when … Continue reading

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Journey into a New World

For those who don’t know, Novell was acquired by Attachmate Group last week, and in this week’s restructuring we will lose some people, and those–like me–who remain will undoubtedly see our jobs change significantly. This has coincided with my taking … Continue reading

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African Roadblock

I mentioned in my recent post that our second game drive in Kruger featured a close encounter with a gang of feral teenage Black Rhinos. On seeing this up ahead I felt as if I’d taken a wrong turn down an … Continue reading

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Safari Photos

Ordinarily I’d have included some of these in the last post but things are a little hectic this week. Anyway, here are some pics of our recent trip. Most of these were taken by Elliot (I was busy at the … Continue reading

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